1. Implementation and compliance a systems of organic processing accordance with EU Regulation and NOP USDA;
  2. Implementation and compliance the quality management system accordance with ISO 9001:2009;
  3. Implementation and passing the audits for compliance with food safety system HACCP (ISO 22000);
  4. Regular contact with our suppliers of raw materials, quality requirements are reported before the contracting;
  5. The maximum possible traceability from farm to finished organic product;
  6. The control organic products production by the certification body Control Union Certifications BV (Netherlands);
  7. Regular supervisory control by the Certification Body for systems 9001:2009 and HACCP (ISO 22000);
  8. Implementation of the GMP+ (B2) system at the production facilities produce a feed materials (in a process);
  9. Implementation of the Kosher system and Halal system.

Our philosophy

Our vision is to be Spain's most unique manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of the finest quality products, bringing health and happiness to Your life!
We pride ourselves on prioritizing Spain made products and supporting local Spanish farmers. We also carefully select the finest ingredients from all over the world.

Our Vission-We support agricultural development in Spain, increase of processing capacities and manufacture of food products including organic ones;
We offer high-quality products to our customers in accordance with international standards
We know what is important for our partners, that is why we supply raw materials of the required quality, always observe the terms and do not give unrealistic promises or numbers. We supply high-quality products at reasonable prices and can provide reliable supplies
We contribute to the development of the organic market of Spain
We provide traceability of our products
We use only natural methods of sunflower pressing without any operation of chemical substance extraction
We have implemented integrated international quality management and food safety systems and passed strict audits


Vegetable Oils

High oleic sunflower oil, rbd sunflower oil, rbd soya oil, rbd rapeseed/canola oil, rbd corn oil, rbd groundnut/peanut oil.....etc

Our vegetable oils â†’


Pumpkin Seeds - Lady Nails (Raw & Roasted), Striped Sunflower 20/64, Striped Sunflower 22/64, Striped Sunflower Jaguar XL 4337, Sunflower Bakery Kernels (Hulled Sunflower Seeds), Striped Оil Sunflower Seeds...etc

Our Seeds →

Nuts and Kernels

Walnut, Hazelnut, Apricot, Almond and Pumpkin Kernels

Our nuts and kernels →

Every day


Principles of Cooperation

Long-term agreements;

Agreements of Intent;

Direct relationships with suppliers and customers;

Your personal manager, regular contacts and exchange information;

Audit by consumers or by their certification companies;

Customs clearance;

Focusing on the requirements of the customers and market

LWT is one of the most powerful producers of vegetable oils in Spain.

30 years of experience in the oil and fat market

Included in the TOP-3 for the production of sunflower oil

Number 1 in Spain for the production and export of high oleic sunflower oil
100 tons per day - capacity of the line for bottling vegetable oil in PET containers

250 tons per day - production capacity of pellets from sunflower husk

Great export potential - LWT sends its products to almost 60 countries.